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SOS forest

How can you help?
Here is our Mail-out in July 2013


Dear Neighbors and Friends of Forest Hill Road,
We still need your support to prevail against GDOT's bad design.

We need:
- Your thoughts and prayers.
- Letters to the Telegraph.
- Letters to, and conversations and personal contact with elected officials.
- Financial support -

Contact our co-treasurer:
Alice Boyd <dmbx1@cox.net>,
540 Forest Hill Rd. Macon, Ga. 31210
tel- 478.477-6407 or mobile 747-1836

Saturday 7-6-13 Telegraph page B1 story about the Forest Hill Road lawsuit:

Political Notebook: Brother, can you spare a road?

Lindsay “Doc” Holliday remains the sole plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Georgia Department of Transportation to stop a planned widening of Forest Hill Road.

Holliday filed the lawsuit alone without a lawyer -- he said at least 10 lawyers had rejected his case -- but now he has at least two working for him. CAUTION Macon is trying to raise money for Holliday, according to a mailing that popped up at households in recent days.

On it: “‘David vs. Goliath Challenge Forest Hill Road Project.”

The card has information about the Bibb County Superior Court order to stop work, but it notes, “$25,000 in legal fees have bought us time. Please help us defray the cost. Send a generous contribution to Caution Macon.”

The paperwork also advertises a website,
Holliday by Woody
                Marshall/Macon Telegraph

Viewpoints for Monday, July 8
Published: July 8, 2013 on page 8A

Go Holliday
I am thankful for Doc Holliday’s suit against the Forest Hill Road project. Neither the state or local governments has listened to the people in the Forest Hill area. Testimony from experts say the “third lane” is a bad idea and have recommended alternative plans that would essentially accomplish the same goal with far less expense.

I read with interest that the contractor who was awarded the project wants to join in the lawsuit because he has been harmed financially. In my opinion, the state and local governments should pay for any damages the contractor might seek, for if it wasn’t for the pigheadedness of those governments, this suit would have never been initiated.

I intend to support Holliday with a monetary contribution. I hope that the neighbors in the vicinity of Forest Hill Road will do the same.

-- Charles Brittain
AIA Emeritus

Charles Brittain (retired) was a founder of Brittain, Thompson, Bray & Brown Architects & Planners. 609 Cherry St, Macon:



Letter to Macon Telegraph

There will be a vote about Forest Hill Road (FHR)  on August 7th at Bibb County Engineering offices.  Local road officials and politicians will be voting.  Should $8.4 Million be spent to acquire ROW between Vineville and Wimbish to build a super-highway over FHR?  The road plan here is for a 4-lane highway with a 20-foot grass median.  This will look like an interstate highway. 

Lane numbers increase at the intersections.  At Vineville intersection, there will be 7 lanes including turn lanes.  At Ridge Ave there will be 6 lanes.  At Wimbish there will be 6 lanes.  This plan is grossly out-of-proportion compared to the roads it will be connecting to.  Links to maps are here, and meeting agendas here:

The only benefit will be profits to a few road contractors.  Taxpayers and neighborhood values will suffer. 

Look for a role-call vote on August 7.  Hold these politicians accountable during the Sept 17.elections for a consolidated Macon-Bibb government.  Who will exhibit fiscal restraint, vision and common sense? 

Location of Bibb Engineering is 780 Third Street
Meeting starts at 9:30am. Wednesday, August 7, 2013.
Anyone may make a Public Comment near the very beginning of the meeting.

MATS - Victory!
Macon Area Transportation Study group votes to Delay 8-7-13.





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