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FHR (Forest Hill Road) GDOT-projects: STP-3213(1,3)/BRMLB-3213(5), Bibb County. P.I.No. 350520 & 351130/351135

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SOS forest

    Please help support our  Forest Hill Road - Improvements:  
Safer Designs, Save Money, Save Time,
Multi-Modal-Transportation Alternatives,
Family Values, and
Preserve the Neighborhood Fabric. 

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 “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke, an 18th century Irish statesman 
American Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport - - Only Citizens Can Prevent Bad Government  - - through Constant Investigation and Involvement


Meeting with FHWA and GDOT on Feb 28, 2011 (here
Macon-Bibb Tree Commission supports a safer design (here) Dec 26, 2010
Senator Robert Brown meeting with Citizens and GDOT officials June 17, 2010 (here
MATS Policy Committee ignores (after listening to) 4 Citizens commenting about FHR  2-3-10  (here)

Technical Committee of the MATS- Macon Area Transportation Study - hears of Rick Chellman's design options 1-20-10 (here)

View below of Ridge Ave in Macon has same profile as the design suggested by Rick Chellman of TND Engineering.  Design allows for safer walking and biking.  Shoulder can be used for mail-delivery, bikers, emergency parking, passing of stopped vehicles.


Telegraph Editors say "Stop and re-Think (again)" (here)

Forest Hill Road widening re starts - Dec 2009 (here)

Telegraph does not interview Citizens, misstates their position as merely NIMBY.

Bibb Commissioners offer (letter) to pay for roads-expert Chellman.

GaDOT is Broke; FHR postponed for 10 years (2020)


  Problems with the Forest Hill Rd project started with the original SPLOST (Special Purpose, Local Option, Sales Tax, in1994). The campaign for the SPLOST was directed and financed by Moreland Altobelli, Inc. (MAI), the firm who was promised the contract to manage the projects funded by the SPLOST. Public officials, including the county engineer, were actively involved in the campaign, resulting in a complaint from a local attorney observing that government employees were banned from such participation. No public hearings detailing the actual projects and scope thereof included in the SPLOST were conducted (a GDOT official who recently learning of the lack of public hearings expressed surprise, as this is not the norm). The SPLOST was sold to the public as “Pennies for Potholes,” a now laughable statement that disguised the true intent and scope of the program. . . see more (here):


Forest Hill Rd

click above for larger image of competing needs

A Citizen representative of 6 Neighborhood Associations requests that Bibb Commissioner - Elmo Richardson - should recuse himself from any votes concerning Forest Hill Rd or Stantec.   A few minutes later, Elmo voted on the Forest Hill Road mediation issue which included the stipulation that ROW acquisitions continue..(ROW).

The People Speak

"click" above to see Elmo's Ethics Complaints.


A few minutes later, Elmo voted on the Forest Hill Road mediation issue which included the stipulation that ROW acquisitions continue..(ROW).


Mediation Fails 8-20-08 (here

Macon reasserts itself with Resolutions about Road Programs 3-18-08 (here)
Meeting with Chairman Bishop - October 30, 2007
Mediation or Smoke-Screen? (here)
Appeal for Help with Mediation (here)
  Lost Minutes, Records and Roaring Tapes
(here) - TV - R.Savage Reports on Elmo Richardson - Ethics Challenged (here)
Recent Letters and Editorials here
Ga Rep. Allen Peake "Blows Smoke" from a Backroom at GaDOT  9-17-07
Compromise ideas and feedback: here
Demonstration and meeting at Bibb Courthouse 9-18-07
Meeting at Museum of Arts and Sciences 9-10-07.
MATS Policy Committee meeting 5-31-07 almost saves Forest Hill Road 
Mayoral Candidates comments 7-12-07 about Forest Hill Rd
Roundabouts reduce speeding, calm traffic, save money, lives and trees...
Trees Are Being Marked Far Outside the Rights Of Way
Example - design option model in Haworth, NJ. 

Joe Allen
                    is ready to help

Bibb Commissioner, Joe Allen is now (8-16-07) on-board to help support the citizens wishes for Forest Hill Road design!!!

Over 970 Macon-Bibb residents and the entire body of five (5) Neighborhood Watch Groups are in oppositon to the current FHR (Forest Hill Road)  plan.  They consider it unsafe for their elementary school children in the two area schools. 

Gonzo Jones brokers
          a deal with Bibb Commissioners to Save Forest Hill Road!
Please call the Bibb Commissioners - ask them to change the proposed design of  FHR. 
This is a MUST!
Elmo "Stantec" Richardson: cell 747-9476 or office 474-6100 or home 477-3115
Bibb Commissioners are 100% responsible for the continuing grief.  They are delaying a resonable design for Forest Hill Rd. 

 Do not let these  Commissioners tell you:  "It is out of our hands ... It is up to GaDOT leaders now to do any redesign ..."   This is not true.  The fact is that these two Commissioners control the votes to initiate any changes in this project. 
[Note that Mr. Wallwork has written a letter [here] to the Commissioners explainig how GaDOT can Save Money with a redesign] 

Read the some BLOGs about Forest Hill Road:

GeorgiaImproper- Photo-Reporter

click on image below

 Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Forest Hills Road style
article and song at

Our state legislators were invited to meet with Forest Hill Neighbors on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 4-5 p.m., in Council Chambers.  A letter of invitation went out to the Delegation, and courtesy copies to the Mayor & Council members, Commission Chair & Commissioners.  The attendence was disappointing.  Full report later.  Thanks.

  The Forest Hill Rd -  win-win  - Houston Avenue connection here
was used by GDOT and the Bibb Commissioners Act to defeat the desires of the Neighborhood. GDOT showed it has enough money to do any project "it" desires.  Taxpayers need to speak up.  

    Forest Hill Road -- Petitions and Ribbons! 

Yellow Ribbons -->>  "The Department of Transportation says they're moving forward with the Forest Hill Road project , but some people living on the road say they're not going to let it happen without a fight.

Saturday people lined Forest Hill Road holding up signs that asked drivers to honk if they love trees. Last month, D.O.T. marked thousands of trees up and down the road with blue spray paint. Project manager, Van Etheridge, said some of those trees may have to come down to accommodate the road widening project.

People opposed to the project tied yellow ribbons around the trees with blue markings on Saturday. They say they want people to realize how many trees they could lose.


"The main thing I personally do not want is to see our neighborhood torn down. They are wanting to, I feel like, destroy our neighborhood, to destroy our trees.


"If they would take the money that they're planning on using to widen the road and just repair it, everybody would be so much better off."

People opposed to the project also expressed concerns about traffic increasing. They say the current design for the road is too big, and they want it scaled down."   Pics   Pics  

*** Previous story  [10MB] about Yellow Ribbons

 Meeting at the Museum of Arts and Sciences on Forsyth Road
Sunday,  August 27, 2006   2-3pm
  Update on design status.  Who can  change the design?   New Roundabout videos.  Maps.  State Historic Review reports.  Review the West Paces Ferry Rd (in Atlanta) model.  Meet several attorneys who have successfully dealt with Ga.DOT issues like rights-of-way condemnations, construction nuisances, maintenance negligence and design liabilities - Chris Clark and  Jarome E. Gautreaux  of Where to go from here.  

 - - Forest Hill Road - -

is already
"...20% Safer than Ga Staewide Average..." 
- Harvey Keepler, Ga DOT Environmental/Location Engineer (here)

Citizen Involvement

50 Neighbors meet on September 20th, 2005 at St Francis Church on Forest Hill Road to discuss a new plan for improving Forest Hill.

Forest Hill Neighborhood Stakeholders

They reach a consensus:   

- 95% of Forest Hill Road can remain 2-lanes by using Roundabouts at Ridge, at Wimbish, at Lokchoppee at Old Lundy (<-See Visual Preference Design Concepts) and at Forest Lake Drive - Newport Road.  

1. Roundabouts are markedly safer.

2. They move traffic faster by not holding it up at stop lights, especially when there is no intersecting traffic to justify the delay.

3. They tend to slow traffic between intersections by curving into the roundabout.

4. They are less expensive to maintain than traffic signals.

5. They reduce auto emissions -- Macon is already in trouble with EPA over air quality.

6. In this case the overall cost of the project would be dramatically reduced.

7. Grassy Swales will remain to better handle runoff - water is quicker to leave the roadway, then it is slowed and filtered before entering local streams - from which Bibb County derives its drinking water.

Forest Hill neighborhood personality should be preserved,  Macon Telegraph articles on water runoff, traffic projections, voting members of the road policy committee, Flooding causes Detention Pond Failure and Leads to Lawsuit of Bibb County by Homeowner.   Macon Council Disrespected by GDOT,   Macon City Coucil Resolution to modify road design, and to have ultimate authority over all road designs in the City.   Review - 2001 GDOT Deceptions  Project is Enlarged over original size published in "Program Management Services Agreement signed between Tom Moreland's Moreland-Altobelli and Bibb County on 2-1-95.  1999 detailed concerns  ,  Air Quality Issues (click)

   "Stakeholders - Landscaping" Meeting with GDOT on April 14, 2005 with Original Minutes, or .rtf version with some loss of formating ,     Flaws in the Environmental Assessments,       Over 200 Citizen and Neighborhood Comments from 2001,     Meeting with GDOT on May 31 2002,      Notes from 2004,      Visual Preference Design Concepts at Old Lundy and Lokchoppee and at Ridge Avenue ,   Flawed - Traffic_Count_Projections  ,  What does the real Accident Data show (here)   Roundabouts in North Carolina ,  Macon Telegraph graphics of projected new footprint between Vineville and Wimbish,  and between Wimbish and Northside Dr.   4-21-06 the Bibb Commission votes to let GDOT begin to aquire ROW.  More ROW data and parcels.  Video (click) of fatal accident  that could have been prevented by a Roundabout.  
Highway Safety Organization reports that Georgia lost $7.8 Billion Dollars last year to accidents on Ga roads.


Petitions - Signatures collected in October 2006 of citizens who want a new design.  264  citizen signatures here [pdf].  And 330 more citizen signatures  plus 23 duplicates here [pdf].   And here are pages 28-45 {pdf - 3MB]

5 citizen landowners visited the offices of Moreland-Altobelli Assoc Inc [Manager of the Macon-Bibb Roads Improvement Program] on Friday,  October 21, 2006 [pic]   and  Video [mpg] .  We spent over an hour there.  We requested technical details about the marked trees (Article) and the bulldozing plans.  Nothing we received was reassuring or solid fact.  

Mostly what we heard  was platitudes and half-truths designed to pacify and mislead us into selling our land without a fight for "fair market value".  Please note that this value has decreased in the most recent Bibb County Tax Assessment for almost all Forest Hill homes.  (How convenient for the purchasers!)  

One sorry example of the misinformation and "double-talk" we heard is exposed in this video link (below, bottom).  This video occurred after one landowner was so relieved to learn that the property around her daughter's home would not be touched.   It all sounded like BS,  so the agent was challenged to restate the simple facts to the camera: 

Citizen Landowner - "You are saying that her daughter's property is not going to be touched"

Acquisition Agent - "No, I did not say that.  I said according to These Plans, that (uh) it shows that property was deemed historical and it could not be touched - - but again these are "Preliminary Plans".  And they have not been finalized nor approved by the DOT. " 

Mr Michael Wallwork, PE.- International Road/Traffic Design Expert:

Mr Michael Wallwork, PE. undertook some analyses at Forest Hill Rd and Forsyth Rd.  He discovered a very good level-of-service with a two lane roundabout that only has one lane in each direction for the Forest Hill Road. Although a one lane roundabout with a right turn lane on the east leg is another option.   At Forest Hill and Forsyth only a one lane roundabout is required to provide excellent service.

Michale Wallwork designed  the road below with  3 lanes and a roundabout.  He suggests this design for Forest Hill Road:  [click on image to enlarge to 3MB]  

 Wallwork's suggestion for FHR  Wallwork's project in Florida

His reason for the three lane is that the traffic volumes are at the stage where getting in and out of the street becomes difficult and more unsafe. Increasing volumes will exacerbate the situation. By adding a third lane with medians, medias are a must, then left turn becomes safer and easier, trees are added to beautify the street and the median make road crossings by pedestrians much safer, they also fit better with roundabouts.

The FHWA project engineer in Atlanta should undrstand how roundabouts would save lives, and reduce right-of-way, construction costs and maintenance costs and how these cost reductions will pay for the minor redesign many times over. FHWA can consider the use of roundabouts with the addition of landscaped medians within the center turn lane.

Here is text RTF or DOC of letter to Bibb Commission Chairman, Charles Bishop.  It describes the advantages of changing the Forest Hill Road design.  It details how to save Money and Time, Who to contact, What to say to accomplish the change.


Michael Wallwork   Alternate Street Design, P.A. (904) 269-1851

Roundabouts Meeting at City Hall on January, 31, 2006.   report:

Mr Michale Wallwork spoke about the modern uses of roundabouts to economically smooth the efficient and safe movement of traffic.   See his website at  

The next morning, Mr Wallwork spoke to the Policy Committee of the Macon Area Transportation group.   There was general interest and some specific locations discussed to utilize roundabouts.  Mr Wallwork said that Forest Hill Road could be redesigned to benefit from roundabouts.  This would save time, money and it would use a smaller footprint, thus be friendlier to the neighborhood.  He later wrote a letter to Bibb Chairman, Charles Bishop - that letter can be viewed here - page 1 and 2.

Stakeholder Meeting report - December 12, 2005

GDOT - Forest Hill Road stakeholder meeting was on Monday, December 12, at 6pm at St. Francis Church located at 432 Forest Hill Road to discuss landscaping and lighting concepts. 
It was a waste of time because. the neighborhood still has not accepted the basic road design...

 Forest Hill Road


What is the Commercial Value of Canopied Roads?
A Think of Beauty is a Joy Forever
See numerous Canopied Roads

And how much Rights Of Way will be stripped of trees from this landscape?  Diagram shows major loss of canopy is being planned by GaDOT and Ga Power utility poles relocations...

 Alliance for Community Trees...

  Answer - People find them attractive and they want to live there... How to calculate the value of trees according to the University of Georgia

 Old Website, Prior to 12-20-2009 

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  Eisenhower Parkway Extension