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Contrary to overwhelming public sentiment and opinion, Georgia DOT has increased the size of this project over the size voted on in the 1994 SPLOST, and also increased over the 52' size shown at the only  public meeting on 6-11-2001. 


Note the "Suicide Lane" in the GaDOT plan (above) has many traffic movement conflicts in the "Continuous Left-Turn Lane" ,
also Bicycles are competing for space in the 14.5' traffic speed lanes,
and Pedestrians are walking 3 feet from the curb of fast traffic lanes.


Forest Hill Road Sizes:

1- Current size - there are currently 2 (11 feet) lanes. 

2- Proposed project size at public meeting on 6-11-2001 was  2 (13 feet) lanes plus a 14' Middle Continuous-Turn [Suicide Lane] + 1 (4 feet) sidewalk on East side.   This design concept was on the 1994 SPLOST. 

3-  By 2003, the project width was increased by GDOT to 59'. 

4- In 2008, the FHR Mediation Team offered a 52' size as a compromise.  This offer was rejected by the Bibb County and GDOT contractors (Moreland Altobelli Associated, Inc)

Diagram at Public Meeting on June 11, 2001:

2001 June 11th
(from VIDEO of 1st Public Meeting on June 11, 2001)

Changes in GDOT concept and size/width of the project between 1994, 1998, 2001 and 2003:




Related information --

"Program Management Services Agreement" was dated/signed Feb. 1st, 1995.  But at a  (10-3-06) Bibb Commission meeting, Chairman Bishop and County Engineer, Ken Sheets(link), wrongly declared this project had been "Downsized".

samples around Macon

Rick Chellman
Letter explaining his suggested designs
Letter explaining the arrangement of intersection at Northminster .

From: "James P. Thomas" <>
To: 'Holliday Dental' <>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 10:36
Subject: Forest Hill Rd.

I got your voice mail about your desire to come and show me a video of the first public meeting for Forest Hill Road.  Thereís no need because you were right.  After we talked I reviewed the files and confirmed that the concept presented at the first public meeting was indeed a three lane section from Wimbish to Northside.  What I was remembering was the debate about the project as the scope was being developed before a concept was presented to the public.  Bob Fountain originally thought a five lane section was necessary but others including P&Z and FHWA were of the opinion that 5 lanes werenít warranted.
James P. Thomas
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Macon-Bibb County Planning & Zoning Commission
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Design (below) with Roundabouts was developed before the Compromise Plan.

GDOTPrefered by Neighborhood
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