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Project History



December 8th - Meeting at St Francis Church to view new design concept FHR from Wimbish to Vineville

July 9  -  Completion is Delayed - reported by Macon Telegraph article_2016_07_09

June 10 - Telegraph says "At least make the Retaining Walls Match" 

April 19 -  Contract to Redesign FHR concept from Wimbish to Vineville/Forsyth Rd.  Macon "Commissioners approved $120,600 for the conceptual analysis and design of the next phase of the Forest Hill Road widening and improvement project."

3-3-15 Telegraph reports on finish date estimates

3-23-14, Telegraph reports the long delayed Ruin of FHR Neighborhood to begin soon

Case is Dismissed on 10-22-2013
8-7-13.  Macon Area Transportation Study (MATS) group votes to Delay
1-23-13  GDOT's reply to lawsuit and article in Telegraph

Filing for an Injunction-- Lawsuit 12-14-2012
GDOT advertisements to begin construction 12-8-12.
Mayor Reichert - October meeting and November letter
Citizens have always been right - Telegraph_Letter_2012 Sept 05
LARGE file of GDOT plans  170MB

Macon Councilman Ellington's Resolution to GDOT

AARP - Age Friendly Community Network and also
Complete-Streets_adopted by Macon  5-1-12,  and

GDOT board approves 'Complete Streets' policy



Pedestrian   Fatal-Accident-M.J.Clark_2011 December 11
Bibb Chairman Sam Hart sells out FHR (7-21-2011) to GDOT as a Truck Route. Clever photography shows no homes along the road.




GDOT letter (9-29-2010) defends their Traffic Counts.
GDOT answers Senator Browns letters (Dec 2010)


2009  -
Project Re-Starts thanks to 7-6-09 letter to GDOT from Mayor Reichert... sells us out.



Macon Mayoral Candidates positions - July




Jan 16  (Feb 3, 2003 submitted)
Mayor Ellis gives FHR to GDOT for a Temporary State Route

Jan 14 Telegraph article Traffic-Calming-Study Boondoggle
Feb 4  Bibb County Chairman Olmstead  (Letter) and Harvey Keepler hand pick the Stakeholders.



Oct 26. GDOT Environmental Engineer, Harvey Keepler (Letter) admits FHR was Safer than statewide average. Admits GDOT Calculations in their Environ Assessment were wrong.

June 11. Only true Public Meeting is held at Springdale Elementary

   FHR_NeedsPurpose1-10p.pdf    FHR_NeedsPurpose11-49p.pdf      FHR_NeedsPurposeTableContents.pdf   FHR_EA_Revisited20071207.htm 



Nov 1

August 16



STP-3213(3) and BRMLB-3213(5), Bibb County
P.I. No. 351130- and 351135-
CR 723/Forest Hill Road from Wimbish Road to CR 79/Northside Drive and CR 723/Forest Hill Road at Sabbath Creek north of SR 19

Project History

August 1995        Projects added to CWP (351130-, PE $10k, FY-99; ROW - Local; CST                 $2,468k, FY-01) (351135-, CST $144k, FY-01).
December 18, 1995    PE ($10k) authorized.
January 18, 1996    Bibb County executes LGPA (PE, fund RW acquisition, fund relocation of             public and cause relocation of private utilities).
April 17, 1996        Urban requests schedule from Bibb County.
March 3, 1997        Project Costs Updated (351130-, CST $2,715k; 351135-, CST $158k).
October 31, 1997    Draft Concept Report received from Bibb County.
December 2, 1997    Draft Concept Report review comments to Bibb County for correction.
April 15, 1998        Draft Concept Report received from Bibb County.
June 16, 1998        Concept Team Meeting presenting two alternatives, (1) 3LU and (2) 4LU                 with raised median; 2021 traffic data supports a 4LU with raised median,                 but Bibb County wants a 3LU.  With a 3LU section, no adverse effects to                 UST, history, RW.
December 15, 1998    Concept Report Approved; two, 4.0-meter lanes with a 4.3-meter flush                 median, a 1.2-meter sidewalk on east side of roadway; RW 21.3 meters                 (351130-, CST $3,542k; 351135-, CST $250k).
October 27, 1999    Hydraulic Report and culvert design for Sabbath Creek and Preliminary                 SSI Report received from Bibb County.
February 17, 2000    Commissioner Shackelford meets with Bibb County delegation and agrees             to place Forest Hill Road on Temporary SR System to fund RW and                 relocate utilities, “…a sound investment of Federal Funds….”
August 2000        CST FY-02 to FY-05 (CDB).
August 22, 2000    PFPR Package received from Bibb County.
December 5, 2000    PFPR Package review comments returned to Bibb County for correction.
March 1, 2001        EA Approved.
June 11, 2001        L&D PHOH (4PM-7PM, Springdale Elementary School).
July 5, 2002        Project Costs Updated (351130-, CST $5,166k)
January 22, 2003    Bibb County executes RW Mowing and Maintenance Agreement (for                 portion of Forest Hill Road outside of city limits of Macon).
June 13, 2003        Urban requests Bibb County to verify project commitments.
July 30, 2003        Bibb County executes RW Mowing and Maintenance Agreement                     (northern 10% of project).
August 29, 2003    Bibb County executes LGPA (PE, utility relocations; DOT RW, Sabbath                 Creek Bridge Culvert, CST).
September 8, 2003    Revised Concept Report Approved; two, 12-foot lanes with a 14-foot                 TWLTL, 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of the roadway offset three feet                 from curb for landscaping on a 12-foot shoulder; begin project limits                 shifted 131 feet north due to extension of 350520- (351130- CST $4,718k;             351135-, CST $233k).
September 2003    CST FY-06 to FY-05 (ABR).
September 19, 2003    Urban requests Forest Hill Road be placed on Temporary State Route                 System.
February 24, 2004    CST FY-05 (current), FY-08 (proposed), FY-07 (approved) to coordinate                 with 350520-.
May 13, 2004        Order of the Commissioner No. 3386 officially approves addition of                 Forest Hill Road to Temporary State Route System.
May 20, 2004        Addition of ROW Phase to CWP (351130-, ROW $50k, CST $4,717k;                 351135-, CST $233k).
June 2, 2004        Project Cost Updates (351130-, ROW $1,703k, CST $4,898k; 351135-,                 CST $270k).
June 15, 2004        FONSI Approved.
September 16, 2004    Temporary State Route designations (1125, 1125TA-1125TC) assigned.
October 12, 2004    Hydraulic Report and culvert design for Sabbath Creek received from                 Bibb County.
October 15, 2004    Hydraulic Report and culvert design review comments to Bibb County for                 correction.  Hydraulic Report forwarded to Eugene Hopkins/Brad Erhman,             Road Design on 9/6/07; review comments are expected by 9/14/07.
October 28, 2004    RW FY-05 to FY-06 (LDBS).
November 18, 2004    Traffic Engineering Report, including warrant analysis, for a stop-and-go                 traffic signal at intersection of Forest Hill Road with Lokchapee Drive and             Old Lundy Road received from Bibb County.
November 29, 2004    Urban requests existing pavement evaluation from OMR
December 3, 2004    Final SSI Report received from Bibb County
December 9, 2004    Urban requests Design Variances from Bibb County for driveway grades                 for Parcel Nos. 034, 096 (2), and 123 (2).
December 10, 2004    Project Cost Updates (351130-, ROW $1,703k, CST $4,508k; 351135-,                 CST 292k).
December 27, 2004    Traffic Engineering Report, including warrant analysis, received from                 Bibb County.  Follow-up e-mail transmitted to Traffic Operations/District                 3 Traffic Engineer regarding the status of the Traffic Signal Permit on                 9/11/07.
January 7, 2005    Design Variances for driveway grades received from Bibb County.
January 14, 2005    Final SSI Report review comments to Bibb County for correction.
February 2, 2005    Design Variances for driveway grades received from Bibb County.  Urban                 has no record of transmitting the request to Engineering Services for                 review/approval.  Urban Design’s recommendation to Bibb County is to                 flatten     the commercial driveways to meet the 11% maximum grade.
February 24, 2005    Final SSI Report received from Bibb County.
March 29, 2005    PFPR Package received from Bibb County.
April 1, 2005        Final SSI Report comments to Bibb County for correction.
May 20, 2005        Final SSI Report review comments to Bibb County for correction.
July 13, 2005        Final SSI Report received from Bibb County.
July 29, 2005        Final SSI Report Approved.
August 18, 2005    Bibb County executes RW Mowing and Maintenance Agreement                     (northern 10% of project).  According to Mr. Danny Tavikol, City of                 Macon, the signed Agreement has been mailed.  GDOT should receive it                 by 9/12/07.
August 24, 2005    PFPR.
September 21, 2005    CST FY-07 to FY-08 (CDB).
October 14, 2005    Project Cost Update (351135-, CST $377k).
October 26, 2005    L&D Approved.
May 1, 2006        Project Cost Update (351130-, RW $1,958k; 351135-, $87k).
June 21, 2006        RW Plans Approved.
June 21, 2006        PM 2.5 Advertisement, ‘Forest Hill Road project does not appear to be ‘a                 Project of Air Quality Concern’; first publication 6/24/06; second                     publication 7/1/06.
August 31, 2006    CST (351130-) $5,362k FY-07 to FY-09 (LDBS).
September 25, 2006    FONSI Re-evaluation approved.
November 9, 2006    RW ($1,958k) Authorized.
December 7, 2006    Commissioner meets with Bibb County delegation ‘projects have met                 some resistance at local level; both agree these are needed improvements -                 must move forward).
December 27, 2006    Project Cost Update (351130-, CST $9,220k) addition of lighting and                 landscaping.
January 4, 2007    Project Cost Update (351135-, CST $453k).
February 21, 2007    Receive Pavement Design recommendations from OMR.
June 26, 2007        Pavement Designs submitted to Committee for review/approval.
July 13, 2007        Pavement Designs Approved.
October 16, 2007    Hydraulic Report review comments to Bibb County for correction.
October 17, 2007    Receive revised Hydraulic Report from Bibb County>
January 24, 2008    Landscape plans sent to TMC for review.  (Sent to Mr. Bill Wright)
January 24, 2008    Lighting plans sent to Road Design for Review.  (Sent to Mr. Alan Walker)
January 24, 2008    Footing detail from lighting plans sent to Bridge Design for Review.
            (Sent to Mr. Alexander)
January 30, 2008    L&D advertisement.  (Publication dates run from week of 02/04/08 to week of 02/25/08)
February 1, 2008    Project Cost Update (351130, CST $8,551,500)
February 1, 2008    Project Cost Update (351135, CST $344k)
February 6, 2008    Received comments from TMC for landscape plans.
February 7, 2008    Forwarded landscape comments to MAAI.
February 8, 2008    Received Lighting plans with comments and a marked up set.  Forwarded the mark-up set and comments to Steve Daniel (MAAI).
February 28, 2008    Mediation held by Judge Beasley on Projects No. 8 & 9.
to August 6, 2008
March 19, 2008    Received corrected Lighting plans and the comments.  (Corrections did not address comments made from Lighting department and were sent back to Stantec).
April 11, 2008    Received 2nd submission of corrected Lighting plans.  Advised that Environmental documents (404 Permit, RE-EVAL and MOA) was forwarded
April 15, 2008    Forwarded corrected lighting plans to Road Design Lighting department for review and approval.
April 24, 2008    Received marked up copy for Lighting Department and comments.  Forwarded 2nd request for lighting detail review to Bridge design.
April 29, 2008    Received review comments from Bridge design for lighting detail.  Forwarded review comments from Bridge design and lighting department to MAAI to get correction.
July 23, 2008    Received final set of plans, CD and other pertinent final package info.  MAAI advised that corrections are again needed for earthwork, erosion control, driveways and etc.
July 30, 2008    Project Let date was moved to December 2009 let and MAAI was advised.
August 8, 2008    MAAI advised of NPDES General Permit No. GAR100002 requirements for project.
September 15, 2008    Right-of-way acquisition was suspended by GDOT.
September 16, 2008    MAAI advised of yearly cost estimate update.
February 9, 2009    Value Engineering Study being conducted on Forest Hill Road corridor (in conjunction with the 4-lane section).  VE being held from Feb 9-12, 2009. 
March 3, 2009    GDOT submitted VE Report with comments to Bibb County.
May 9, 2009    Value Engineering Study completed on Forest Hill Road corridor.   VE Report has been revised and approved by Engineering Services, and submitted to FHWA. 
June 3, 2009    GDOT received responses to VE Study from Bibb County.
September 3, 2009    GDOT issued NTP letter to resume Right-of-Way Acquisition.
December 2, 2009    Submitted a revised project schedule with an estimated Let date of May-2011.
April 2010    Project included in the 2014 TIP/STIP for CST.
November 4, 2010    Revised project schedule submitted to GDOT (Aug-2011 Let)
December 7, 2010    Bid Awarded for Demolition and Removal of House at 785 Forest Hill Road.
February 8, 2011    Updated Cost Estimates submitted to GDOT.
February 23, 2011    Meeting at GDOT with FHWA to discuss community complaint.
February 28, 2011    Meeting at GDOT with FHWA and Caution Macon to discuss community complaint.
March 3, 2011    Meeting with Consultants to resolve conflicts with Lighting Design and GPC Relocations.
March 14, 2011    Final Acceptance of Demolition and Removal of House at 785 Forest Hill Road.
March 22, 2011    Submitted request for approval of landscape plans to City of Macon Tree Commission.
March 24, 2011    FFPR held.
March 30, 2011    Project included in the 2013 TIP/STIP for CST.
April 14, 2011    Response to FFPR Review Comments submitted to GDOT PM.
May 5, 2011    Request to move project to Dec-2011 Let submitted to GDOT PM. 
June 13, 2011    Request for a CFI submitted to GDOT PM.
June 29, 2011    Submitted the Photo Mitigation package for historical properties to GDOT.
August 2, 2011    Submitted culvert design plans for review and comment to GDOT PM.
August 18, 2011    Submitted request to retain MWA existing facilities concurrence letter from City of Macon and Bibb County to GDOT.
August 25, 2011    Submitted design variances to GDOT PM.
October 14, 2011    Received final plans review comments from GDOT PM.
October 20, 2011    GDOT PM gives NTP for environmental re-eval.
October 20, 2011    Notice given that Project Let date was moved to July-2012, as per GDOT PM.
October 25, 2011    Submitted response to final plans review comments to GDOT PM.
November 2, 2011    Updated right-of-way certification schedule submitted to GDOT PM.
November 8, 2011    Submitted environmental re-eval schedule to GDOT PM.
November 21, 2011    Received review comments for Design Variances from GDOT PM.
November 22, 2011     Submitted lighting plans to Central Services – City of Macon.
November 22, 2011     Submitted landscape and irrigation plans to Parks and Recreation Dept – City of Macon.
November 29, 2011    Re-submitted landscape plans request to Mayor Robert Reichert, for the Macon Tree Commission.
December 5, 2011    Received concurrence letter from SHPO for photo mitigation submittal.



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