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FHR (Forest Hill Road) GDOT-projects: STP-3213(1,3)/BRMLB-3213(5), Bibb County. P.I.No. 350520 & 351130/351135

    Forest Hill Road

Macon, Ga

SOS forest

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Safer Designs, Save Money, Save Time,
Multi-Modal-Transportation Alternatives,
Preserve the Neighborhood Fabric. 

This GDOT project fiasco is the "Poster Child" for Why the  T-SPLOST died in Middle Ga on July 31, 2012

2012 documents  Macon Tree Commission notifies Mayor Reichert that the Forest Hill Rd landscaping plan does not conform to the local tree ordinances.
2010 Tree Commission asks for a proven safer design using trees to calm traffic.


  "Fix Forest Hill, and Bulldoze Bass Road"

Vote 'No' on the T-SPLOST on  July31st!"

-- Erick Erickson  --

Size Comparison of the FHR Project

WHY are they called
 "Suicide Lanes"?
Ken Sheets
Ken Sheets, the Bibb County Engineer - misleads Bibb Commissioners, and disrespects a citizen at a public meeting.

Pedestrian Fataliy, Dec 2011

Letter to Telegraph
November 2011

Letter to GDOT Chief Engineer,
Gerald  Ross

Comments on  Road Program - June  2011 -


RedState Blogger - Erick Erickson says the Citizens were Right All Along - Macon Telegraph essay - March 25, 2010

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or download the MPEG file (here)
NOTES from this Closed Meeting with FHWA and GDOT on Feb 28, 2011 (here

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The late Ga State Senator, Robert Brown held a public meeting - said Forest Hill Road needs to be re-designed to protect the middle class and the tax-base of the city

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